There’s a crisp nip in the air that can only signal one thing: Cold weather is on its way. And since you’d rather your appendages not suffer from frostbite, or even frost-nibble, it’s always a good idea to have the proper attire to keep your person at the proper temperature.

Obviously, as cold weather approaches, there’s the tried-and-true layering technique to keep the chill at bay. But a girl can only layer on so many shells and camis and sweaters before you move away from stylish and into Michelin Man territory. (Not that we don’t love the Michelin Man. It’s just that not everyone can look so good covered in white, puffy, tire-like attire. Unless maybe you’re a bride. Ahem.)

So we’ve rounded up 10, count ‘em, 10, items that will help you warm up this fall and winter, stylishly. Nanook of the North will be soooo jealous.

Affordable Accessories to Keep You Warm this Season

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Intimo Women's Tonal Warmth Robe

Intimo Women's Tonal Warmth Robe, $29 from Amazon
There’s nothing that says your cold-weather gear has to be worn for the world. Get cozy at home, post-work, pre-going out or really whenever you damn well please. (Though maybe not so much when heading to the grocery store.)