Fashion Advice: Designer Discounts at Outlet Malls

Kristine Asks: I’ve heard a lot about the Woodbury Commons Outlets located outside of New York City and it is suppose to be a designer mecca. Do you think I could find a deal on a high-end designer bag, like Chanel?

Kathryn Answers: It really depends on what you consider a deal. The Chanel outlet does carry handbags at a discount,  but your chances of finding an “it” bag is pretty slim and in my experience, the bags available are usually without the iconic interlocking “CC”.

But all is not lost at Woodbury… The Last Call Neiman Marcus outlet often sells designer bags- like Marc Jacobs, Prada, etc for up too 50% off retail price, there’s a pretty good Kate Spade and a Bottega Veneta outlet. The Gucci outlet carries handbags as well.

To increase your chances of scoring a great deal on a designer bag, shop during the week (avoid, if you can, the weekends) and make sure to head to Chelsea Premium Outlets (, sign up for their VIP club, print out a coupon for a coupon book as well as print out exclusive VIP coupon deals.

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  1. Closet Fashionist says

    I go to the Chelsea Premium Outlet in Lemmick, PA.  They have fabulous designer buys, but each outlet has different stores. Kristine,  I hope you found your Chanel bag.

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