Web Site Review: AccessoryFoundry.com

What: Angela shops “artisan, indie and retro fab finds” on AccessoryFoundry.com.

The Lowdown: There’s nothing we love more than a great accessory–which means something that elevates our generally-basic pieces while spending, well, as little as humanly possible. So we’re always on the lookout for new accessory sources (you can only do so much with a $5.40 feather necklace from Forever 21) – enter Accessory Foundry, sort of a clearing house for some seriously cool independent jewelry-makers, with prices that won’t break the bank.

Accessory Foundry Site Review

Okay, so if you live in L.A. or New York, this site may not make it to the top of your bookmarks list–BUT, for the rest of us–particularly those who don’t have more than, oh, two “indie and artisan” jewelry-makers in a 50-mile radius–this site is a veritable treasure trove (check out, for example, this “Cleopatra’s bracelet” –so cute and handmade for 28 bucks? We’d wear it everywhere).

At first blush, all the categories and sorting options make us think that there are oodles of cool pieces to peruse here, but after clicking around, we see that many of the categories overlap and have only a handful of items in each. Still, the lack of endless depth (what, we don’t have 652 ring choices???) is quickly compensated for by the cuteness of what is offered. Natural stones, mixed metals, quirky pendants and hipster chic? Yes, please.

We also like that the shipping and return policies are VERY clearly stated and are more than fair, especially for a small independent retailer. Nice.

The Bottom Line: We’re all about supporting small, independent startups that focus on style and value, and Accessory Foundry gets our vote on both counts–go there. Now.

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