Fashion Advice: Accessories Trends for Spring/Summer 2006

Dear Budget Fashionista

I am looking to start wearing more jewelry and accessories as sort of a New Year’s resolution but I see everyone wearing the long necklaces with big beads and things like that. Are there any new trends in accessories coming for the new year?

A: In terms of accessories, you’ll see a lot of what was in last year . . . wedges (especially cork wedges), espadrilles, gold necklaces, beads (make sure their in scale with your size—smaller beaded for smaller people, larger beads for larger people), lots of brown. However, some new entrants like straw + leather purses, accessories combining nautical themed materials like gold chains and ropes (think Polo Ralph Lauren) and the color white will also be hot. I also think hats are going to make a major comeback because of concerns about skin cancer and the general trend of fashion towards the more conservative looks.

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