A Trio of Companies That Take Your Junk: Recycle This!

The already Earth-conscious, animal-friendly Aveda line of haircare products recycles water bottle caps (which can’t be recycled using the usual plastic-bottle-recycling process) for an upcoming line of their limited edition retro-style Clove shampoo, in stores this September. Send caps to:

Aveda Re-Cap Program

ACA Waste Services

40 EADS Street

Babylon, NY 11704

When you’re sending Aveda your caps, why not throw in some plastic caps from soy milk cartons, too? And you might as well buy Silk while their Green Caps program is going on—each cap you register on their website powers a wind turbine and gets you entered to win a $20,000 green home makeover. The program has already met its goal to power 200,000 homes in one day.

According to this list of green household tips on RiverWired.com, Ikea will recycle your batteries & CFL light bulbs.

Or to recycle CFL and regular light bulbs made by any manufacturer, Sylvania will take your old dim bulbs. You do have to buy their special boxes and envelopes to send them in, but the cost covers the cost of the recycle package being sent to you, the envelope, the return shipping, and the recycling. (A box holding about 12 small CFLs or 6-8 medium or large ones runs $15.)

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