A Little Love in Your Tummy: Budget Food Tip

Happy Valentines Day from all of us here at the Budget Casa! Whether you are single, just got dumped, happily in love, or sticking it out for the kids, here is a simple valentine’s treat you can enjoy: red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Since we can’t make them for you, here is what you do:

  • Buy red velvet cake mix, we prefer Duncan Heinz. We’ve tried a lot of red velvet cake mixes, but so for, none of them have been better than the good old mix. If you have a fabulous red velvet recipe, don’t be greedy, share it in the forums.

  • Make up the cake mix according to directions and pour into cupcake tins lined with festive paper holders. Bake.

  • While the cupcakes are baking you can make up the icing. While it is easy to cheat on cake and buy a mix, everyone can tell the difference between homemade and store-bought icing. Fortunately, for you, our cream cheese frosting is delicious and fail proof.

  • Mix together one 8 oz package of cream cheese and one stick (1/2 cup) of butter). Both should be soft. If they aren’t put in the microwave for 25 seconds. Mix together until smooth, then add 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla. Beat until smooth and fluffy.

  • When your cupcakes are done, let them cool for about 20-30 minutes. Ice, then decorate. Or just eat them.
  • red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

    Tips and Warnings

  • For a low fat version use 1/3 fat cream cheese, but make sure it is soft or else it will leave small lumps in your icing.
  • We’ve found that no-fat cream cheese and margarine don’t quite give the icing it’s best flavor. But you can try it. Let us know how it goes in the forums.
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