A Better Cup of Joe: Go Green

We were recently perusing the Good Earth Coffee website, after reading about their “Brew at Home” pledge. According to Good Earth Coffee, coffee drinkers toss away 28 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Consequently, they are challenging people to “brew more and toss less.” There’s an additional reason to take the pledge: for every pledge received, Good Earth Coffee will donate $1.00 to The Trust for Public Land until they reach their donation goal.

Brewing at home is a great option to not only cut down on the trash factor, but also cut out some costs from your budget (i.e. the latte factor). Here are some other simple ways you can enjoy your morning cup o’ joe at a lower cost to the environment (and some budget savings for you as well):

1. Bring your own mug to Starbucks – you’ll cut down on the waste and Starbucks will knock $0.10 off your drink price.

2. Drink organic coffee.

3. Buy your coffee from a local roaster – Since locally grown coffee is difficult for most people to come by, you can still cut down on fuel costs by finding a coffee roaster near you. Coffee Habitat offers this great interactive map providing some great roasters around North America. See if there’s one local to you.

4. Use reusable coffee filters at home. Disposable coffee filters = trees.

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