Way Back When: ‘90s Talk Show Hosts


The Jenny Jones Show

Host: Jenny Jones, a Canadian comedienne and breast cancer survivor (yes, Jenny’s not a black lady, but she accumulated several “ghetto passes” over the 12-year span of her talk show).

Dates Aired: 1991-2003

Signature Show: “Same Sex Secret Crushes,” the show in which a gay man revealed a crush on a friend. The friend later killed the confessor

Swivel Factor (on scale of 1-10): 7 (with 2 points removed because she’s Canadian)

What is She Doing Now: Hanging out with Rude Jude?

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  1. HauteChick says

    Talk about a blast from the past!! I toooooootally forgot that Robin Givens had a talk show!!! Why does she have to be SO bitter ALL the time?!!! I love………………………”What is She Doing Now: Still kinda bitter?” – CLASSIC!!!!

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