8coupons.com: Coupons by Zipcode

The Lowdown: Laura reviews 8coupons.com, a giant coupon aggregator with the mission to help shoppers find deals, on everything from massages to happy hour specials, in their zip code.

Our Review: What makes 8coupons unique is you can search for deals by zip code, and view the deals on an interactive map. What kinds of deals, you ask? An unending variety of restaurants, spas, department stores, and grocery stores (big and small) are represented here. Not much is off limits, really. 8coupons has its own online community of shoppers who submit deals to the site, voting the good ones up and the bad ones down. 8coupons also searches deals from retailers it has affiliate relationships with (Macy’s for example), and sites like Groupon and FeeSnatcher.com.

Okay, great, now the downside of the site. Since so many of 8coupons’ deals are user-generated, they’re often annoyingly vague, inaccurate, or expired. A Victoria Secret’s coupon for “limited edition” panties expired 5 days before I discovered it on 8coupons. If you do happen upon a good deal in your neighborhood, 8coupons will then take you to the original store or retail site where it came from. Which is great for the retailer, but it would have been much more helpful to us if we could have printed and/or download the coupon directly from 8coupons.

Our Verdict: 8coupons.com is worth your time- but be aware that you’ll have to shift through expired and irrelevant coupons

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