One of the greatest things about the internet is access to instructions for just about anything–if you want to learn how to do it, you probably can find out how online, somewhere, which is why we love DIY blogs. DIY blogs appeal to not only seasoned crafters and fashion-forward indies, but also those like myself who like to do the occasional craft and fashion fix (especially with my daughters) but have no idea where to start.

So check out some of our favorite DIY blogs.

DIY Blogs You Should Visit

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Style and Pepper

This friendly-feeling, good-looking blog has clean lines and bright images of fashion DIY for the style-obsessed. Style and Pepper also features men’s fashion and DIY, something unusual for a blog. The wife-and-husband team backing the blog are citified fashionistas who clearly adore the world of fashion from head to toe. Definitely for the moderate-to-experienced DIYers!