You’ve barely finished your sixth (and very painful) treatment of laser hair-removal in your, ahem, nether regions and slaved through two weeks of brutal bootcamp. (Okay, more like 1.5 weeks of Groupon-induced hell.) You’ve hardly dipped your toes in beach season, and now we’re already diving into talk of fall? Huh? Changing leaves? New pilot season? Almost Christmakah? WHAT?
While you may not be ready to bid adios to summer, in the fashion industry, to quote from Andy Bernard, we’re always thinking one step ahead…like a carpenter that makes stairs. Well, maybe glass stairs with rhinestones and a fancy red carpet.

So, to prep for fall, we’ve rounded up 50 purses to get you in the mood for the upcoming season. And to give a Cliff’s Notes version (Yeah, admit it. You used Cliff’s Notes in school too.) of some bag trends to love this fall:

Purses for Fall 2012

Size DOES matter: Bigger is better.
Professional chic: Who says work-ready portfolio bags must stay in the office?
Black is back: Or rather, it never went away.
Gold digger: Yep, seek out the gold, friends!
Classic beauty: Think timeless, simple shapes that never go out of style.
So clutch: Think big and envelope-shaped.
Make a statement: With your bag. Duh!

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Apostrophe Exotic Lina Laptop Tote, $42.00

Apostrophe Exotic Lina Laptop Tote, $42.00