5 New Uses for Fresh Herbs: Budget Gardening Tip

If you grow herbs in the summertime, you know that they can begin to get a bit unruly as the warm days grow in numbers. As such, you might be looking for a new way to use up some of those herbs rather than let them go to waste. Here are five new ideas for how to use fresh herbs, both in the kitchen and around the house.

Grilling. Throw a few sprigs of herbs in the coals of your grill to add an extra layer of flavor to the foods you’re grilling. Rosemary works especially well for this, but you can also try basil, oregano or others.

Cleaning the drain. Toss a few sprigs or leaves of fresh herbs down the kitchen drain and run the disposal for a few seconds. Your sink and drain will smell herby fresh! (Mint leaves will give it an especially fresh and clean smell)

Stick a few in a flower arrangement. Try putting sprigs of fresh lavender, rosemary or even sage into a flower arrangement to give it an extra natural “green” look and smell.

Make herb tempura. Try Martha Stewart’s recipe for Herb Tempura, a delightful, crispy treat or an interesting garnish to a summer dinner.

Make herb designed fabric.
A few flowers or herb sprigs can be used to place an interesting design on fabric. To make, simply pick a few flowers or sprigs and choose a 100% cotton or silk fabric to transfer the colors onto. Arrange the flowers or leaves on the fabric, place a sheet of plastic on top and pound the leaves or flowers with a mallet for several minutes. Remove plastic and flowers or leaves, and let dry. Set with a hot, dry iron.

You could also use this technique to make stationery – use good-quality paper, cardstock or other stationery and pound a pretty, personalized design onto it.

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