5 Great Organic Wines for Summer: Go Green

There’s nothing better than a crisp glass of wine with that barbecue on a hot summer’s eve. Here’s a list of some of our favorite wines with an eco-bent. All wines are under twenty dollars a bottle. Enjoy a glass for us!

2006 Parducci Chardonnay – This chardonnay has bright flavors of pear and ripe apple and would be perfect with a light meal on a hot summer evening. Parducci is the first U.S. carbon neutral winery. The vineyard is family farmed, has solar panels powering its winery, and uses 100% post consumer recycled papers and soy based inks on its labels.

2006 Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc – This wine is defined by subtle, dried citrus flavors. Bonterra is one of the premier examples of organic viticulture in the world.

2006 Fetzer Gewurztraminer Valley Oaks – If you like sweet, this Fetzer Gewurztraminer won’t disappoint. Medium sweetness with a slight spice, this wine is perfect for an informal BBQ in the backyard (or balcony, depending on where you BBQ!). Fetzer has been committed to environmental and socially responsible practices since the mid-1980s. Tip: Visit Fetzer’s website to learn more about its Green Tour.

French Rabbit Pinot Noir Tetra Pak – Elegant and earthy, this pinot noir goes wonderfully with grilled salmon or pork. French Rabbit opts out of the usual wine bottle in lieu of 100% recyclable, Tetra-Prisma containers which reduce packaging by 90% in comparison to typical glass wine bottles. French Rabbit also partners with American Forests to help replant trees in areas damaged by disease, logging or natural disasters. For every four French rabbit wines sold, one tree is planted.

2004 Sincerity Merlot/Cabernet Organic – As mentioned in the name, this wine from Sincerity is organically-grown. With a 90 point rating, it’s a safe bet and would be excellent with grilled red meat.

Image courtesy of French Rabbit

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