Books focused on the environment can be informing, educational, resourceful, or plain entertaining. Our favorites are the resource books we can quickly look at for advice on how to make our own cleaners in a pinch, for example. actually has a lot of great eco products at low prices. Here are five great books we found at for $15 or under:

1. The Eco Chick Guide to Life – $11.41 – Written by one of our favorite Eco Chicks, Starre Vartan, this is a practical handbook for women in their 20′s and 30′s who strive to be both eco-friendly as well as stylish.

2. Eco Babies Wear Green – $6.88 – This children’s book from Michelle Sinclair Coleman finds trendy tots recycling, eating locally grown produce, saving water, and developing other eco-friendly habits.

3. The Little Book of Quick Fixes for Eco-conscious Cleaning – $10.34 – Bridget Bodoano’s book will come in handy when you’ve run out of your eco toilet cleaner, guests are on their way, and you desperately need that bowl to shine. Surely there’s something in the house that will do the trick, the eco way…

4. Eco-Friendly Families – $10.74 – Helen Coronato’s book explains how to develop a family approach to living an eco-friendly lifestyle by motivating every member of a household to change the way they think about the natural world, offering a host of family activities to make living green fun.

5. Little Green Book of Health – $10.26 – Sarah Callard’s book offers 250 tips for maintaining good health in a natural and eco-friendly way. With advice on how to protect your body from pollutants, irritants, carcinogens and toxins, you will not only be able to prevent illness but learn to spot the underlying hazards in daily life that can undermine your wellness. A conscious effort to reduce exposure to environmental toxins will ultimately help the earth and your health.