27 Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $100: 2014 Edition

Congratulations! You’ve found that perfect somebody who’ll nurse you back to Soberville when you’ve had one too many Midori sours at the bar, and who’ll love you despite your poor music choices in the car. (Admit it! You’ve been bopping your head to the Biebs’ new song on repeat.) You’re that cloyingly sweet, so-in-love couple that you used to hate when you were single, and now that you’re getting hitched, you’ve recruited your herd of besties as your bridesmaids.

Assuming you’re not having a theme wedding where requisite attire mandates the bridal party’s wardrobe take a cue from Marilyn Manson, we’ve got twenty-seven bridesmaid dress suggestions for you that a) won’t have your bridesmaids screaming “the horror, the horror ,” and b) won’t have them filing for bankruptcy. (Waiting for the bachelorette party and the colorful “performers” for that one…kidding!)

Bridesmaid Dresses for $100 and Below

Pretty Pastel

Bold Solids

Backyard Fun

A Formal Affair




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  1. opheliadrowning says

    If you go to your Target stores and get lucky, that first dress you listed, the Isaac Mizrahi, can be found on the clearance racks for $12.99! I actually have the one in blue, but I’m going to wear it more as a cocktail dress.

  2. Oma says


    I would love to know if the Purple – “3. One-shoulder Beaded Dress, on sale for $44.99 at Newport-news.com” is still available.

    I can’t seem to find it at newport news website. I would appreciate if you could let me know who’s the designer, maybe I could make a special order with them.


  3. tracey says

    hi im with Oma, i wanna know where that Purple – “3. One-shoulder Beaded Dress, on sale for $44.99 at Newport-news.com”

    is from too i so need 10 of them lol

  4. says

    OMG! These dresses are amazing and sooooo affordable! I’m currently planning my own wedding which will be in the South of France next year and I’ve been trying to keep costs down. This is an amazing find to help me in my search for my bridesmaid dresses. I love the pink ones!

  5. Jamie says

    I just found your site and I love it. I came across what I guess is an old photo from the budget fashionista on another site. It’s numbered 1, 2 and 3… the first dress is that purple floral print you have now numbered 15. The THIRD dress on the photo I found is a lilac/purple,on shoulder chiffon looking empire waist gown with beading under the bust and on the shoulder strap. Dying to find out whose dress it is, any insight? Thanks.


  6. Jamie says

    Thanks Kathryn!

    Just to ease my neuroticism, that’s the purple grecian-looking one shoulder dress that was dc’d by Newport News, right? And not the purple flower print criss cross from Newport that you currently have posted as #15 for $39.99?


  7. idowu-deifa shola says

    I love d Crisscross-front Georgette Dress, on sale for $39.99 at Newport-News.pls
    Can u plz email me hw I can get it.I have a sis in maryland,baltimore.maybe she can pick it up 4 me,I’m a size 12.plz reply asap

  8. says

    Love all the dresses! What a great post, I am only 20 and I buy wedding magazines all the time…I can’t hold back for some reason. All these finds are awesome! I am right there with you, I love shopping, but prices today are sometimes ridiculous!

  9. Dearkatharine says

    These dresses are way too short to be appropriate for a formal wedding.  Maybe ok if you’re going super-casual.  Does anyone know any under $100 that are just above the knee or longer?

  10. Elyse says

    Most of these dresses are not pretty at all and they are too style specific. Also, why are they so short?

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