25 Tips For Saving Money


Food Shopping Money Saving Tips

1. Have a plan.
Use a list and shop alone. When there’s a partner or kids involved items have a way of sneaking into the cart.

2. Many produce departments have a quick sale bin for fruits and vegetables past their prime. Soups, stews, and casseroles do not need picture perfect produce and freckled bananas have more flavor in baked goods.

3. Watch for sales or “hot prices” in the meat department.
This one has a caveat, you must freeze or cook these items immediately or you’ll lose the savings.

4. Don’t stick only to the grocery store.
Ethnic stores and bargain shops like Big Lots can be a great, alternative for some items like spices. In my area, gas stations and drug stores often have cheaper prices for milk than the grocery store. Investigate your options.

5. Always check your receipt.
Cashiers are human and they make mistakes. Just be polite when you call attention to the error.

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  1. Jane says

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