25 Tips For Saving Money

Eating Money Saving Tips

1. Learn to cook.
Few things are as freeing as developing this skillset. Not only do you take control of your diet and grocery budget you may discover it’s a new and rewarding form of entertainment.

2.Watch your portions.
To put it bluntly, overeating is nothing more than flushing money down the toilet.

3. Reduce your meat consumption.
I’m not telling anyone to go vegan. I’m an unapologetic omnivore, but ounce for consumable ounce, seasonal vegetables are cheaper than lean protein. You can also stretch meals by adding beans, rice, or oats to many recipes, without compromising nutritionally.

4. After cooking, store leftovers before serving the meal.
If you take your lunch to work, go ahead and pack it with the leftovers. Not only does this reduce waste, it helps keep people (you or others) from going back for seconds or thirds they didn’t really need. Otherwise freeze leftovers for a future meal or make plans to turn them into something new.

5. Each week check the refrigerator and pantry for items that will soon expire or spoil.
Ensure these items are cooked and eaten promptly to prevent waste. Think of it as your own personal Iron Chef Challenge.

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  1. Jane says

    6. Switch to a prepaid cell phone! I got out of my contract phone and got a TracFone. I pay $45 for unlimited minutes, texts, and web! The phone is awesome and I am saving so much money. Finally, I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for good cell phones!

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