Heads Up! Here are 12 Things That Will Become More Expensive in 2013

What: Dealnews has compiled the top 12 things that will become pricier in 2013.

What They Say: Thanks to mature technologies, a lack of innovation, higher prices for precious metals, added features, and a drought, 2013 looks like it will be just a little more costly.

What We Say:  Of course, we’re not endorsing panic-buying here, folks, but it doesn’t hurt to plan around these possible 2013 price increases. For instance, one of the things mentioned in the list are increased shipping costs. Does that mean the death of free shipping as we know it? Hardly, but that would also mean we would have to look at a few savings strategies, such as consolidating items to purchase in one shop, or group-buying in bulk with friends to save on shipping costs.

It also goes without saying that there will be other items that will get cheaper by next year. But for the meantime, take a look at these 12 items which 2013 price increases are predicted for.

12 Things Which Will See 2013 Price Increases

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