10 Gifts Under $50 to Get Your Mama For Mother’s Day

Keep Calm and Mother On

Moms come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, and since no two are alike, we’ve compiled ten of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts to serve as inspiration for the lucky lady in your life. Whether she needs something for the home, something for her downtime, or something that simply makes her feel special, we’ve got […]

5 Inspiring Tumblr Beauty Blogs


You’ve already heard us rave about the ease of Tumblr for both the blogger and the reader. Essentially, it’s one of the simplest blogging platforms there is, so it’s perfect if you want to start your own blog. Of course, it’s always nice to get a little inspiration. So today we’ve gathered up some of […]

Simply Vera Vera Wang Bridal Jewelry Collection

Simply Vera Vera Wang

You’ve been dropping carefully orchestrated, subtle hints to your man for months (5 months, 22 days, and 5 hours, but who’s counting?), and you always make sure to “pass by” a certain jewelry store that rhymes with “Biffany” whenever you’re at the mall. Here’s another way to hint to your beau that you’re lusting for […]

True Confessions: I Was a Group Sales Addict

I Was a Group Sales Addict

True Confession: I’m a former group coupon addict who trolled various group buying sites to find great deals. For an embarrassingly long period of time, every mani-pedi, date-night dinner, walking tour and fitness class I participated in was paid for using a group coupon. This worked out well. My nails never looked better, until I […]

How To Create An Amazing Beauty Blog on Tumblr

How To Create An Amazing Beauty Blog on Tumblr

Credit: Shutterstock You love to read blogs, right? Heck, your friends and family think you’re obsessed. Don’t worry; we are too. It’s totally normal–if you’re awesome and you love to read about beautiful things, that is. So, why not start your own? Come on, you can’t tell us you haven’t thought about it. We bet […]

Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge and Style

Kate Middleton

Perhaps it’s America’s lack of a royal family, or maybe it’s that dreamy British accent, but we’ve been fascinated, borderline obsessed with the UK royal family since… well, forever. Sure, they make juicy tabloid fodder that keeps the Enquirer in business (Clandestine affair, crazy hats… What more could a gal ask for in her daily […]