Oval Faces, It’s Time to Cut Loose with 6 Great Haircuts!

Go out with a Bang

Credit: Theo Wargo/Style Bistro Lucky you, oval-faced fashionistas. You live in a versatile hair world where, thanks to your ideal face shape, several styles are yours for the choosing. Your biggest decision? Which one of the many options do you want? (Sigh. If only the rest of us squares, hearts and rounds were so fortunate.) […]

Macy’s Fall 2012 Look Book is Out Now

Macy’s has certainly hit all the right notes in their Fall 2012 look book. Their lineup is a delicious cacophony of bright blues, elegant neutrals, and warm earth tones, designed to appeal to every woman’s sartorial sensibilities. Our eyes are on the gorgeous Rachel by Rachel Roy coat (priced at a steep $229, but hey, […]

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Style Summary from the Teen Choice Awards

Selena Gomez

Ah! The fascinating world of Beliebers, Disney princesses gone pole dancin’ en route to the altar, and cuuuuute Hunger Games/Twilight man boys who are cute until you realize that they’re born in the 90’s. (Eek!) Sure, no one on The Budget Fashionista staff is a day over “23,” but we’re not exactly looking to invent […]

What Do You Think? Are Neon Colors Coming or Going?

Neon Colors

Neon colors seemed to sweep the fashion industry off its beige-sandaled feet earlier this spring. With that, the Cyndi Lauper memories resurfaced and the return of all things blindingly bright was pretty much everywhere we turned. (FYI, ladies–by neon, we mean NEON. Not the bold oranges or Kermit greens out there, but the “help, my […]

Learn How to Go Retro With Our Favorite Bloggers

Retro Revival

Credit: Madridfornia Girl on Blogspot Lazy summer days are perfect for catching up on your favorite old movies and giving yourself a little vintage fashion inspiration. Take a look at how these modern-day bloggers are doing justice to the best of ‘60s and ‘70s fashion with new and old pieces alike. From adorable heart-shaped sunnies […]

Would You Wear Denim Bermuda Shorts?

Denim Bermuda Shorts

Women’s Plus Denim Cut-Off Shorts, $29.94 from Old Navy There’s a time and place for everything…except for denim Bermuda shorts (we’re under the firm belief that there’s never, EVER, a good time for denim Bermuda shorts). Maybe it’s because every pair of high rise denim shorts remind us of “mom shorts” (the shortened version of […]

Yea or Nay?: High-Low Skirts

High Low Skirts at Kohls

Normally, we’re not entirely comfortable with wearing skirts that remind us of David Bowie or Billy Ray Cyrus in one of their more questionable hair moments. But we’re more than happy to make an exception this time for mullet skirts, a cute moniker for one of this season’s most surprising (but very welcome) trends. High-low […]

Can’t Wear Heels? Then Check Out Kathryn’s Picks for Great Flats Under $40

Kathryn’s Picks for Great Flats Under $40

Zappos and its sister site, Endless, are my go-to stores for all things shoes. They do sell other things like handbags, socks and stuff like this, but I mostly shop there for shoes because I like to keep it simple. And, oh, I also have super-big feet (size 11–thanks Mom and Dad). Ever since I […]

How to Pop Pimples Without The Scars (You Know You’re Guilty, Too!)

How to Pop Pimples Without The Scars

Credit: Style.com Yeah, so we all pop our pimples. We’re not supposed to. Doctors say not to. Yet, each and every one of us finds ourselves staring into the bathroom mirror, fingers ready to fix those pesky problems ourselves. So, if all of us are going to do it anyway, we might as well be […]