Save the Date: Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy Mark your calendars, fashionistas! On September 6th, more than 500 cities nationwide will party away on a one-night-only affair that brings together the best and the finest in the world of fashion, celebrity, music, and glamor. Now on its fourth year, Fashion’s Night Out continues to celebrate and support the […]

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Jennifer Aniston Pencil Skirts

So Jennifer Aniston, with her toned legs (ok, who are we kidding . . . her toned EVERYTHING), is basically the model of pencil skirt-wearing perfection. Not quite sporting the Aniston physique (not to mention bank account) How to Wear Pencil Skirts 1. Choose the Right Length Pencil skirts  come in three basic lengths- about […]

The Most Fashionable Republican Women


Republicans from all over the country flocked in Tampa for the United States 2012 Republican National Convention. Okay, so everyone’s eyes are currently set on who they will choose to be their bet for President and Vice President in the upcoming elections; our eyes, however, are also keen on who came in their most dashing […]

Autumn Bronze: How to Keep Your Complexion Glowing in the Fall

Clinique Self Sun

This post is from our new sister site Mighty Beauty. Just because fall is on its way doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your glowing complexion. There are plenty of bronzers that will help to even out your skin tone and give your skin a slightly sun-kissed glow that is just right for autumn. Here are […]

Ann Romney Style File

Ann Romney Style

She’s the pop of color that is Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s arm candy and the runway print to his cookie cutter wardrobe, but if there’s one thing Ann Romney isn’t, it’s fearful of being different. Creating a sartorial image that lets the nation know she’s her own person, (and, particularly, one that doesn’t have to […]

Mix This: Tons of Texture Trends for Fall 2012

Texture Trends for Fall 2012

Summer dressing is all about simplicity, but as the days get shorter (and our affinity for flirty summer florals turns to *meh*), get ready for some serious changes for fall 2012. This year, texture is BIG – and mixing textures is even bigger. Think brocade with tweed, lace with faux fur, patent leather with embossed […]

Five Non-traditional Places to Find Awesome Boots

Crocs boots

Boots exist both as fashion and as necessity. And if you happen to be a Minnesotan like Kathryn, boots become your tool for winter survival. However, you don’t have to limit your buying options to the usual shopping brands and stores in malls. With a little time and patience, you can venture out to other […]

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: Paint the Town Red (and Teal)

Paint the Town Red (and Teal)

When the whole red and teal combo look started to appear (à la Jessica Alba), I had my doubts. But only in that,“really? Pretzels AND chocolate? Together?” kind of way; the doubt lasted all of 10 seconds before I realized the combo was great and actually addicting. We’ve put together a few cool ideas to […]