Sponsored Post: Crocs Style Party: We Came, We Saw, We Crocs

Let’s be frank. Crocs are the one shoe brand people love to hate, akin to the hate that Windows Vista and the cast of “Jersey Shore” get. Heck, even Kathryn herself wasn’t exactly secretive about her dislike for the “elf shoes” when she candidly reviewed some of their past collections. But you know what? Things […]

Get the Conversation Rolling: 25 Statement Necklaces for Under $25

Statement Necklaces Under $25

When putting together an outfit for the day, sometimes you can’t help but feel that it all just looks a little…blah. Enter the statement necklace, that piece that ties everything together, gives pop where there was flop and draws an admiring eye. Whether you choose to go for the long and dramatic strands or prefer […]

We Really, Really Think You Should Follow These Pinterest Boards

Brands to Follow on Pinterest

Sure, companies use Pinterest for self-promotion, but they also use it to share absolutely incredible eye candy (and who doesn’t love a little eye candy every now and then?) One of the reasons I absolutely love the 13 companies featured below is that they include stunning inspiration photos and ideas in addition to showcasing their […]

Autumn Spice: Amp Up Your Fall Makeup Routine with Orange Lipstick

Orange Lipsticks for Fall

This post is from our new sister site Mighty Beauty. It’s the color of carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins—some of the wonderful things we love about autumn. And now you can recreate this yumminess with an orange lipstick that will celebrate the red, yellow, blue-green and golden undertones in your brown skin. Here are some […]

Mrs. O’s Convention Dress: Custom Made for her, Purchase-Ready for Masses

Michelle Obama DNC 2012 Dress

It’s always a wild guessing game days leading up to a big event. What will Mrs. O don, especially when it’s a political runway up to the podium at the Democratic National Convention? Perhaps an up and coming unknown whose career she’ll most definitely catapult? (Hi Jason Wu!) A budget-friendly brand accessible to everyday Jane’s? […]