Last night was a busy night. Yes, even for us normal folks who didn’t mingle and share brie and crackers with a pantheon of Who’s Who in the world of fashion blogging, or trek to Charlotte to catch a glimpse of Mrs. O’s sartorial selections. Seriously? What moron schedules Fashion’s Night Out, Obama’s speech, AND the VMA’s all in one night? Seriously? Not all of us can afford TiVo!

Through some serious channel and web surfing that’s fast tracking us to carpel tunnel land, we somehow managed to tune in to President Obama, stay abreast of FNO shenanigans, and catch the VMA’s. And we’re glad we did.

Weeks of “Will R. Patt and K. Stew share the stage?” speculation appeased at last! (Er, how awkward was it that the Twilight cast sans one Kristen Stewart introduced a clip of a movie that showcases the love story of on-screen-lovers-who-used-to-date-IRL-but-now-they’re-not-talking-because-someone-kissed-a-married-director-and-then-released-a-super-dramatic-press-release?) And yes, Kpop star and YouTube Phenom Psy, in all his horsey-dancing goodness, also made an appearance. Throw in a couple of gymnasts, a pregnancy announcement, and a bad Nicky Minaj dress, and you’ve got the VMA’s. Here’s our take on what happened last night.

Video Music Awards 2012 Recap

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Emma Watson

We. love. this. look.