Top Beauty Trends for 2012

There’s nothing like a new year to feel renewed and rejuvenated. One great way to start fresh is to give yourself a beauty makeover. We’re not talking about an ultra expensive spa session. Instead, check out the new trends for 2012 and learn some of the makeup and beauty techniques that hit the red carpet for this year. You can also purge, purge, purge. Take a look at all of your beauty supplies. Is your lotion expired? Throw it out. Do you have five different mascaras and only use one? Pair them down. Start the new year with your makeup fresh and organized. It’ll make your mornings easier and your day better. Trust us, we did it, and it feels awesome.

Top Beauty Trends Top Beauty Trends for 2012 for 2012


Eyes Top Beauty Trends for 2012

One major trend to hit the red carpet this year is gold and pink tones for makeup. Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, and Versace all chose beautiful, rich looking neutral gold tones for their runway models. It’s a very natural looking color combination that would look great on many different skin tones. It’s similar to the metallics that everyone loved last fall, only slightly brighter and more ready for spring.