Smells Like Teen Spirit: Style Summary from the Teen Choice Awards

Ah! The fascinating world of Beliebers, Disney princesses gone pole dancin’ en route to the altar, and cuuuuute Hunger Games/Twilight man boys who are cute until you realize that they’re born in the 90’s. (Eek!) Sure, no one on The Budget Fashionista staff is a day over “23,” but we’re not exactly looking to invent time travel to head back to the era of cafeteria mystery meat, SAT’s, and gym period lectures about the “birds and the bees.” No, Taylor Swift, the girl in the tee-shirt on the bleachers doesn’t somehow nab the cheer captain’s hottie boyfriend in high school all the time. Yet, there’s something about youthful Tiger Beat-worthy crushes (Admit it. You tore out pictures of JTT from Tiger Beat!) that make our older and wiser hearts give a little leap. So, here’s a toast to the Teen Choice Awards and being 19 again! Check out some stylish highlights from yesterday.

Style from the Teen Choice Awards

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  1. says

    Demi Lovato is WORKING that tribal style dress! And Lea Michelle’s dress with the subtle pink/red is so cute. (PS. I tore out Leo DiCaprio pictures myself.) ;P

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