Designer Handbags Are Getting Cheap(er)

What: Of all the cheapish accessories to choose from during this Great Recession, handbags are probably our favorite. And it looks like even the most high-end of them may be in our price range soon. Because designer brands like Coach are starting to discount their current collections and offer up lower-priced bags. What the Cut […]

Successfully Fight Wrinkles Over the Counter

What: Every drug store is packed full of anti-aging creams you can buy over the counter. But do they work? It seems science has finally given us an answer. In a recent study conducted by Proctor & Gamble, the over-the-counter OLAY Professional Pro-X “system” was compared to the popular prescription medicine, tretinoin. Not only did […]

eBay Find: Vintage Teardrop Pearl Earrings

eBay Find: Silvertone Aurora Borealis & Faux Pearl Pierced Earring Every girl wants a little sparkle now and then. At just $9, these vintage aurora borealis faux pearl earrings will satisfy the need for sparkle without breaking the bank. Named after the Northern Lights, these shiny, multi-colored stones complement the teardrop-shaped faux pearl nicely. In […]

My Year of No New Clothes

I’ve been a “budget fashionista” for a while, following the blog, hunting out the best sales, and generally trying to be wise and deliberate with my clothing budget. But last year, when the presents were unwrapped, the bubbly uncorked, and people were resolving to be thinner, wealthier, and better-looking (or something like that), I decided […]

Madonna and Macy’s?

What: Rumor has it Madonna is in talks with Macy’s about 2 upcoming lines, a lingerie one called “Truth or Dare” and then another called “Material Girl.” Cute. What the WWD Says: If a Madonna-Iconix deal with Macy’s does come to fruition, it would be the latest in a string of recent tie-ups between celebrities […]

eBay Find: Colorful Cocktail Ring

eBay Find: Huge 70’s Orange Egg Dome Lucite Cocktail Ring Spice up your winter wardrobe with a pop of color. Ebay seller moxie-doxie is selling a treasure trove of vintage Lucite cocktail rings for under $10, plus free shipping. For a mere $5.99, the orange dome ring pictured here would look fabulous with the tans […]

Get Ready for Perfume Overload

What: It’s no secret that the fragrance industry isn’t doing too hot. Well, now a bunch of fragrance manufacturers are uniting for a comprehensive ad campaign called “One Mighty Drop,” which will encourage people to go out and buy more perfume. What They Say: Plus, in an attempt to spark consumer interest fragrance companies began […]

Lela Rose 2010 Fall Show

What: Lela Rose Fall 2010 show reigns supreme with an eclectic collection of romantic sophisticated pieces. What They Say: The Fall 2010 collection centers around the graphite drawings of nighttime skies. Combining dimensionality and straight color, the Fall 2010 collection uses natures surface textures to recall the romantic conceit of it’s brilliance and constant evolution. […]