What I’m Loving” Lilith Fair Returns, Drop Dead Diva, and My Mom

1. Shoes: Talli by Lucky Brand. Granola sandals have come a long way since the Birkenstock. 2. TV: Drop Dead Diva. A witty show about real women who break out in song. Sort of like Glee meets Ally McBeal. Plus it has Margaret Cho. 3. People: My Mom. She’s the woman who taught the guru. […]

Shopping Advice: What To Do When a Sale Isn’t Really a Sale

Hi, Kathryn, I’m really hoping you can help me with this one: What are the laws or accepted practices regarding posting “Sale” signs when an item costs what it normally does? This recently happened to me at local discount department store chain. I saw a big fat sale sign for an item that I’ve been […]

Summer Sale at Avenue – The OTHER Plus Size Mall Store

The Deal: Up to 25% Off Summer Sale and Clearance at Avenue.com! The Lowdown:People tend to sleep on the Avenue. It could be their lack of advertisement (only a few ads here and there) compared to the ubiquitous Lane Bryant ads. It could be the fact that Avenue stores tend to be located in the […]

What Do You Think About the US Army’s Fashion Line?

Here at TBF we just celebrated Memorial Day, a chance for us to remember and celebrate all the great men and women who’ve served our country in duty, by buying a pink duffle bag from the US Army’s fashion line (just kidding). But in all seriousness, we’re not sure how to feel about this line….. […]

Sandals for Small Feet

The Deal: Cute sandals for those with small feet at Endless-Plus Free Shipping and Free Returns. The Lowdown: Big footed fashionistas, think you have a problem? Try finding trendy, adult, sandals in a size 5 and on a budget (it’s hard, we know). So we were super excited to get the scoop on Piperlime’s (the […]

8coupons.com: Coupons by Zipcode

The Lowdown: Laura reviews 8coupons.com, a giant coupon aggregator with the mission to help shoppers find deals, on everything from massages to happy hour specials, in their zip code. Our Review: What makes 8coupons unique is you can search for deals by zip code, and view the deals on an interactive map. What kinds of […]

The Limited is Back- 30% off all Accessories

The Deal: 30% off all accessories through June 15th at The Limited The Lowdown: Okay remember back in the day (like 1992) when The Limited was THE place to shop. We were so impressed with its “New York Style” (like we really could tell the difference in suburban middle America) and cute collection of dresses. […]