High Vs. Low: Animal Print Flats

Some items are worth paying investment-portfolio prices (classic leather handbags, trench coats, etc.) but trendy seasonal items like, say, animal print flats? Uh-uh. And if you’ve been reading us long enough, you know you just don’t have to. But, always up for a challenge, let’s put that theory to the test – we’ve picked a […]

New York & Co Spring 2011 Preview

TBF never misses a good preview, especially one on the top floor of the Trump Soho (oh the views!). So we took some time and checked out New York & Company’s Spring 2011 Collection. The slogan for this collection is “NY Style springs eternal” and we’re honestly not really sure what this means, but the […]

Bling Alert: Endless.com Launches New Jewelry Catalog

What: Endless.com adds jewelry to their online offerings. The Lowdown: This week, Endless.com added a jewelry catalog, featuring 68 brands and more than 3,500 styles, featuring the Nicky Hilton Collection as well as Devon Leigh pieces designed exclusively for the online retailer. What We Say: Do we really need another source for everyday jewelry online? […]