They’re BAACCK- Plaid Shirts: Fall Fashion 2010

Perhaps the biggest “new” (we use this term very lightly ‘cause there’s really nothing new about this fall’s fashion) is the “Hipster English Country look” and nothing says “Country Hipster” more than plaid shirt. This year, the shirts are the same as when you wore them to your Sadie’s Hawkins dance, with the addition of […]

Fall 2010 Fashion Trend: Velvet

One of this season’s biggest comebacks is Velvet, which was all the rage in the 90s. The fabric started to appear again in 2009- Chloe did gathered velvet skirts, Prada did exquisite coats and true to form,Marc Jacob’s did sweet, romantic dresses. Then we began to see trendsetters like Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Jessica Alba and […]

The Return of Gummy Bracelets: Fall Fashion 2010

Remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait to go to the grocery store with your mom so you could scoop up a set of gummy bracelets from the candy machine? Well, the bracelets of our childhood are back (we told you fashion is about recycling old trends this year). So while the kids […]

Fall Trend: Black Turtlenecks

Audrey Hepburn first immortalized the black turtleneck during the beatnik 1950s, and the classic style is back for Fall 2010. While we don’t expect you to rock it with lots of edgy and futuristic updates ala Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, you can wear it with big, bold statement and bib necklaces.

Six Wide Width Boots For Under $100

The Deal: Find stylishWide Width Boots for under $100 at The Lowdown: The terms “Style” and “Wide Width” no longer have to be mutually exclusive terms. Thanks to online shops like Zappos, who are able to carry a wider selection of shoes because they’re not limited by warehouse space, fashionistas with wider feet can […]