Urban Outfitters On Your Phone

What: Urban Outfitters has gone mobile. Very few retailers offer up cell phone-friendly sites, so this took a bit of initiative. M.UrbanOutfitters.com joins the ranks m.Target.com, m.WalMart.com, and some others, but it’s an area that’s definitely underdeveloped. On the mobile site, you can build a wish list, find a store in your area, and of […]

Footwear Brands Focus On Budget Brides

What: With footwear sales sagging thanks to the economy, a number of budget-conscious brands such as Payless ShoeSource, Mary Norton, Nina Shoes, and Cole Haan are focusing on building their wallet-friendly bridal collections. Although Payless in particular has offered dyeable dress shoes for years, the retailer is now pushing its Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose […]

RoC Complete Lift & Deep Wrinkle Products

What: Angela fights fine lines with RoC Complete Lift Eye Pen, Complete Lift Daily Moisturizer, and Deep Wrinkle Filler. The Lowdown: On principle, I rarely spend more than $10 on a beauty product of any kind, so looking at the price points on these RoC products made me skeptical. Nineteen bucks for an “eye pen”? […]

Kohls.com: Site Review

Oh, Kohl’s. We always have such high hopes for you, as you add designer lines (Vera Wang, Dana Buchman) and what should be fun and interesting brands and collections (Daisy Fuentes and Elle). And yet, we end up coming away either disappointed or with an overwhelming sense of “eh”. Still, we’ve seen glimpses of good […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Get Real with Ruehl

What: Ruehl No.925, or just plain “Ruehl,” was meant to pick up where Abercrombie & Fitch (its creator) left off. Targeted to the 22 to 35-year-old post-college, elitest crowd, the chain just couldn’t cut it in this recession. Not many 20 somethings are shelling out $100 on a pair of jeans right now. All 29 […]

What’s the Best Summer Fragrance?

Perfume Collection

Question: What’s The Best Summer Fragrance? We’ve all got our own personal perfume standby’s, but whenever the season changes, we feel primed to experiment with some new scents.  Just like our clothes, we’ll want a lighter fragrance to help us officially say goodbye to spring. Probably a good chance our body sprays and perfumes from […]

Shopseen: Site Review

One of our favorite shopping resources here at The Budget Fashionista is, well, our peeps. Having other bargain-hunting eyes and ears out there is invaluable in finding great deals—especially when we know so many happen without a billboard announcement and spotlights (though that would be nice, right?). And since online is where we live, a […]

Less Sales at Saks?

What: We’ve all been waiting to find out what luxury brands like Saks and Neiman Marcus do to weather the Recession storm. Seems they’ve come up with a solution: order less stuff. Yep, that’s right, uppity chains like these are planning to cut back on their inventory and generate more demand for it as a […]

BG Haute: Site Review

We’re working girls, so we don’t frequently have formal events to attend—but when we do we want to look chic. And even if we’re not hitting a ballroom anytime soon we know that plenty of you are (prom, weddings, charity balls, take your pick) so we like to point you in the right direction when […]

Twilight Makeup In the Works

What: We saw this coming from a mile away… DuWop, a newish cosmetics brand (you can shop for it in all major beauty stores, though), is rumored to have a Twilight makeup line in the works. DuWop is the self-proclaimed inventor of the lip plumper, and is also responsible for Robert Pattinson’s bee-stung lips, his […]