– The Shoe LookBook is a lookbook community, where photos of shoes appear on the front page after being handpicked for trendiness, with info on where to buy the shoes. is exactly like (see: our review of; both are sponsored and powered by  That means clicking the “go there” button next to the shoe’s […]

Time of Month = Time to Shop?

What: Hertfordshire University’s psychologists recently studied the shopping habits of 443 women, aged 18 to 50. What did they find out? For the ten days just before menstruation (guys: this is the time you need to be extra nice to your girlfriend), a woman is more likely to give into impulse buys and spontaneous shopping […]

Lauren Conrad’s Line Is Over, Kinda

What: MTV “reality” star Lauren Conrad launched a line in 2007 that we had mixed reactions about. It managed to stick around for a few years. However, Lauren won’t put out any more collections and instead will “revamp her line and design with more high-end fabrics.” What We Say: Sounds like Lauren’s backing out of […]

NY Mag’s Shop-A-Matic Finds Spring Shoes, Dress for Shopping Success, Rose Heels, Leighton Meester

Kathryn and The Budget Fashionista are on the front page of NY Mag Fashion’s Shop-A-Matic feature!  If you’ve always wanted to window shop the most stylish stores in New York, look no further.  Kathryn picked out some of her favorite items for spring, all for under $200! The Cheap Diva has a smart sense of […]

The Budget Fashionista’s Weekly Retail Report for March 29

It seems the news is getting worse by the minute for luxury retailers, but it’s starting to look up for the rest. Consumer spending has seen and upward trend in late February and March, and the shareholders of Saks, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Quicksilver, and Macy’s are feeling a little more optimistic about the future. […]

A Better Cup of Joe: Go Green

We were recently perusing the Good Earth Coffee website, after reading about their “Brew at Home” pledge. According to Good Earth Coffee, coffee drinkers toss away 28 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Consequently, they are challenging people to “brew more and toss less.” There’s an additional reason to take the pledge: for every pledge […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has a “View” on Fashion, Too

What: “The View’s” talkative token republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, has officially unveiled her new clothing line for QVC, with pieces ranging from $40 to $80. What We Say: Well done. While some of us may not agree with Hasselbeck’s political views, we can definitely find common ground via her fashion line, which is targeted towards 40+ […]