Votive Candles: DIY

Learn how to make votive candles from this video at about.com. This project requires several pieces of supplies, but once you purchase them, you’ll never have to spend your money on candles again. Use your new skills as a candle-maker to create thoughtful gifts for others, too. Supplies like votive candle wax, molds, candle fragrance […]

Lumene Vitamin C+ Radiant Beauty Drops: Product Review

What: Karie asks Lumene Vitamin C+ Radiant Beauty Drops to snap her tired skin out of its slumber; $21.99 for 28 capsules. The Lowdown: Lately, my insomniac ways have been catching up with me; my skin isn’t zapping back to its resilient, vibrant self like it used to after only three hours’ worth of zzz’s. […]

Packing for a Summer Getaway: Expert Advice from Style.com’s Laird Borrelli

July and August are prime times for taking that much-needed summer getaway, but our least favorite part? Er, packing. Figuring out what to bring is hard enough (especially for any self-respecting fashionista), but with all those extra per-bag charges airlines are imposing these days, we have to watch the bottom line as well. Fortunately, Style.com […]

Vogue Italia Black Issue: Win This!

What: Vogue Italia’s July issue is a historical one: it addresses the issue of racial inequality in the fashion world by filling its editorial pages with models of color from Naomi Campbell to up-and-comers like Sessilee Lopez. Why You Want This: Vogue Italia isn’t exactly available at the grocery checkout line and even if you […]

Reducing Vacation Waste: Recycle This

Recently the Budget Ecoist took a beach vacation and marveled at the amount of disposable products needed on said vacation and the lack of recycling bins in convenient (read: on the beach, at the motel) places. Short of taking your green and blue bins with you, (which would certainly take up precious trunk or overhead […]

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

At The Budget Ecoist we’re passionate about coming up with clever, natural, inexpensive solutions around the home – mainly because we like impressing our friends. They always ask how we do it. We smile coyly, our Martha Stewart smile, and then we make some smooth remark about how it’s really no big deal. But now […]