Go Fug Yourself: Go Fugly Girls on Today’s Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast

Today I chat with two of my blogging heroes, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of GoFugYourself.com. The blogging heir apparents to Mr. Blackwell, the Go Fug Yourself Girls dish about their humble beginnings, red carpet fashion offenders, and the current rash of self-appointed “stylists”. And of course, their new book, Go Fug Yourself Presents The […]

Junk Fashion: Recycle This

Oh, Portland we can’t stop thinking about you for long. You bring us so many beautiful green things and now we’ve found another one that is so awesome we once again fantasize about relocating to the great northwest. While browsing the Mr. T approved site on sustainability, 1 Thing Portland, we discovered an event that […]

What is The Right Jacket Length?

Dear Budget Fashionista: The makeover stylists on TV tell women to wear their jackets and tops no longer than the crotch line, to look slimmer. Is this true? Answer: This is one of those rules that only make sense for certain types of body. For example if you are widest at your hips, it is […]

Frustration-Free Packaging: Go Green

We talk a lot about unnecessary packaging here; some say “harp” even. But apparently some of the big guys are listening. Aaron over at Babble pointed us in the direction of Amazon, which has just released a list of toys that will be frustration-free on Christmas morning. That’s right, the impossible to rip open plastics, […]