Ribbon Napkin Rings: DIY

Just like the little black dress can take on multiple personalities with different accessories, so can the simple white napkin. By changing up the “jewelry” creative rings give napkins many different looks. Instead of Grandma’s formal silver rings (save them for Thanksgiving), try a variety of cookie cutters for the shiny effect at the table. […]

Barrel Curls: Beauty Trend

What: Big, bold barrel curls are bouncing about. The Word:Hair stylist David Babaii is quoted in the April issue of In Style magazine as saying that the trend in hair styling is growing, literally: “We’re seeing a lot of volume and larger waves.” Our Word: This whole sexy, voluptuous hair trend is lots of fun […]

The Site Formerly Known As Sk*rt

I love the site sk*rt, which has been described as “digg for chicks”,  but was really something much more. It was a social news site who promoted posts and articles of interest to women. So while my diatribe about the evils of Crocs would never get digged, it would get sk*rt. So, this post was […]