Comfortable Shoes Dr. Scholl’s Original Women’s Sandals, $28.99 at Dr.

What: Dr. Scholl’s Original Women’s Sandals Price: $28.99, at Dr. My Opinion: Back in the day, my mom had a pair of the classic wooden Dr. Scholl sandals, which I believe she bought at our local Walgreens (my mother LOVES Walgreens).  I still don’t, to this day, understand how shoes made from the same […]

Site I Like: Provides Modish Style at a Reasonable Price

There’s finally a store for fashionistas who, whether by personal choice or religious necessity, need modest, but trendy, clothing options. has clothing that is made specifically for the “empowered traditionalists”, women who want “modish” (a combination of the terms “modest” and “stylish”) clothing options that show that style and conservativism is not mutually exclusive.  […]

Libertine for Target’s Go International

Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig of the clothing line Libertine is the next design group on tap for Target’s Go International line. The line is set to be in stores at the beginning of July. Libertine is an interesting choice for Target because Greene and Hartig don’t necessarily “design” pieces as much as deconstruct/reconstruct vintage […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Give Him a Great Gift and Help an Important Cause

Here’s an idea for father’s day: get your favorite guy something he needs and help an important cause. is a new web site currently boasting over 14,000 items up for bid with proceeds benefiting nonprofit organizations of all types – from feeding hungry kids to buying books for schools to protecting coral reefs, and […]