June Retail Sales Take a Nose Dive

What: In June, consumer spending dropped 0.9% , the biggest drop since August 2005. What the experts say: USATODAY: “The drop was much bigger than the flat reading that economists had been expecting. It raised new worries about consumer spending, which is closely watched because it accounts for two-thirds of total economic activity.” What I […]

American Idol Produces a Fashion Line

What: American Idol and Lyric Jeans partner on a clothing line influenced by the songs and characters, er I mean, singers/contestants on the show. Prices of the items in the collection will ranges from $10-$40 and initially will only be in junior and girl sizes in select mid range department and mass market stores (think […]

Tina Knowles Launches Line for HSN

Who: Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mama and the woman behind her “Barbie in Vegas” look launches a fashion line called Miss Tina for “Forgotten” women ages 30-50 on the Home Shopping Network. What the fashion heads say: WWD—“….I love the fact that the sizes go all the way up [2 to 24],” (Tina) Knowles said. “There’s […]

Beauty Tip: Keep Those Eyebrows Bushy

What: Bushy dark eyebrows, the hot new beauty statement. Who: Sienna Miller, et. al. are continuing where Brooke Shields left off. What the fashion heads say:The Evening Standard’s ThisisLondon: “The actress proved rather heavy handed in the make-up department, sporting bizarre – and rather distracting – dark eyebrows and dramatic red lipstick during her recent […]

Erin Fetherston for Target

What: Erin Fetherston, the girly,girly designer and Vogue favorite, is producing a line for Target. What the Fashions heads say:  From fashionista.comWe love Erin Fetherston. We love Target. We love the way Erin put blonde wigs on all her models for this shoot. And we love this collection, but you’ll have to wait for it: […]

Breaking News: Jane Magazine Folds

What: Jane Magazine is closing shop with it’s August issue, according to the site fashionweekdaily. What the fashion heads have to say: Fashionweekdaily: “Jane will cede publishing with the August issue. The magazine’s complementary website (www.janemag.com) will be shut down as well.” What I say: Interesting, but not surprising. It’s hard to compete with those […]

Yea or Nay: Fashion at Wal-mart

A recent Wall Street journal article brought to light the problems Wal-Mart has with it’s apparel departments. Apparently, no one is buying clothes from their higher-end clothing line Georg, designed by knit wear designer Mark Eisen. I’ve written many times about fashion at Wal-Mart. Personally, I like some of the clothing at Wal-Mart (Once wore […]