Daisy Marc Jacobs: What to Buy Fall 2007

What: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, the designer’s new fragrance launching just in time for fall, has created an invite only online “experience” with product descriptions, chances to win prizes, and a highly addictive pollination game. The perfect way to waste time while your boss is on vacation. What the fashion head say: from Splendora– “Daisy […]

Under Rihanna’s Umbrella: Singer Partners with Totes for a Line of Umbrellas

What: Just what we needed, another celebrity line of … umbrellas? Singer Rihanna has teamed up with Totes to capitalize on her hot summer hit “Umbrella” with a line of the same name. Stop laughing and no we didn’t make this up. What the fashion heads say: From the New York Daily News: The 19-year-old […]

Stella McCartney’s Limited Edition Glastonbury Music Festival T-Shirt, $50 at Yoox.com

What: Stella McCartney, Sir Paul’s daughter and the most fashionable vegan alive, has designed a limited edition t-shirt, sold online at Yoox.com, for the iconic Glastonbury Music Festival, with the proceeds going to Oxfam, the international charity with the goal of ending poverty worldwide.” What the fashion heads say: From Yoox.com Dedicated to the Glastonbury, […]

What to Buy Fall 2007: Menswear for Women

What: Menswear styling for women this fall with tailored jackets and pants in traditional colors kicked up with a bit of feminine detail, like this Marc Jacobs look, far left. What the Fashion heads say: From Vogue: The borrowed-from-the-boys look takes on a more refined quality and cut for a woman’s shape. Key pieces: collegiate […]

You by Crocs: Crocs Go Mainstream

What: The people behind Crocs, the plastic shoes we all love to hate, has just come out with a more traditional shoe line called “You by Crocs” and, ehh umm, they’re actually cute. AOL/Money: The first YOU by Crocs(TM) collection (MSRP: $149-$299), High Spirits, features luxurious materials, including lamb’s wool, leather and suede that line […]

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color

What: In an attempt to keep her thin, peeling nails polished and pretty for more than a day (which is stretching it), Robin tries Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in Sheer Bliss Frost, $7.49. The Lowdown: I have been cursed with the worst nails any girl could have. Aside from them always […]

Turning Peanuts into Diamonds

What: Scientists at Edinburgh University in Scotland used extremely high pressures to turn things like peanuts to diamond. What the fashion heads say: From Style Dash,  “Given the dirty dealings and unethical practices of the diamond trade, I’m pleased to hear that the days of the status quo are numbered. Just the same I doubt […]