Last Minute Look for New Year’s Eve

Made plans to go out for New Year’s Eve at the very last minute, and don’t have a thing to wear—or a whole lot of green left at this point in the holiday season? This will be easy—head to your local Target, and pick up these pieces to ring in the New Year with style: […]

DIY: Clementine Candle

Apartment Therapy has a fantastic way to use the the rinds from all that fruit from company fruit baskets. Turn them into candles. It’s a budget- and eco-friendly way to reuse and decorate your home for Christmas. Head on over there for the DIY instructions. I think this look would work all year and work […]

Yea or Nay: 2007 Fashion Trends

Gray, patent leather, stirrup pants, Uggs, lady-like suits, comfort pumps, platforms, new color combinations, skinny jeans, catsuits, 2007 has been quite a year for fashion. So what was your favorite fashion trend of 2007? Was it the return of gray? Or perhaps the return of the stirrup pant? The emergence of stylish comfort pumps by […]

The New White Blouse

The latest way to wear a white blouse: filmy white blouses with black skirts or trousers for dressier events Black and white is nothing new, but how you wear the combo means the difference between looking current, or just looking dull. It’s not rocket science, but putting black and white together in new ways is […]

The Taste for Less: Meatball Sub

I love a good meatball sub. It’s one of those sandwiches I like to order out, no matter how much that little voice in my head tells me I could make it at home for a fraction of the price. Finally, I decided to try making the subs at home. I found that it couldn’t […]

Seed Sale Announced

Park Seed has announced this season’s seed sale. Each season, Park Seed orders just a tad bit more seeds to ensure they have enough and when there’s an overabundance, there’s a sale. Check it out now for the best selection of seeds, including seeds for annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. Best-sellers like impatiens, morning glories, […]

Reuse Your Plastic Bags: Green Tip

Every time we go shopping the last question we asked when making our final purchases is, paper or plastic?  Since being asked this question over and over again, I’ve built up an extensive collection of plastic bags that seems to be more like a mountain.  There are actually very practical uses for these grocery bags […]