Fake Handbag Debate: A Teen Weighs In

You could be having a bad hair day, and wearing a not so great outfit, but if you’re holding a designer bag people respect you, they know you’re “someone”. Designer bags are obviously status symbols . . . something not everyone can afford which is why there’s an entire industry devoted to fakes. From the […]

Fake Handbag Debate: The Australian Story

Fellower blogger Sarah Goldstein takes the fake debate down under to give us her perspective on fake designer handbags. A couple of days ago, The Budget Fashionista asked me an interesting question: is the fake purse craze just an American thing? As one of the few Australian fashion bloggers, I’m here to tell you it’s […]

Real vs. Fake Louis Vuitton? Our Guest Contributor Says “Neither”

Author, blogger, graphic designer, and handbag critic David Weinberger give us his thoughts on the ubiquitous fake Louis Vuitton Bags What’s the ugliest bag you’ve ever seen? Close your eyes, I’ll remind you. Start with an unfashionable color, add a poorly executed two-letter-combination logo and top if off with some flowers that look like clip […]

Prada at H&M

One of the hottest topics around the water cooler is the possibility of a Prada line at H&M. I’ve received several emails from readers asking for details on the marriage of our favorite designer and favorite budget fashion store. Nothing has been confirmed, but the grumblings are quite loud (my friends in the fashion industry […]