Embarassment Loves Company: Readers Respond

In last week’s Fashion Trends newsletter, I wrote about my past fashion mistakes. Seems like we’ve all have a few fashion mishaps lurking in our closets. Here are some responses from readers. “my fashion disaster was definitely tye-dye. My mom dressed me in it from head to toe. rainbow tye-dye! ugh! someone save me!” “my […]

Fashion Advice: How to be a Stylish College Guy

Dear Budget Fashionista, I am a poor male undergrad who is tired of seeing hordes of banal A&E, Hollister, and Abercrombie zombies wandering my campus. I adore the classic styles of silver screen icons like Cary Grant and Clark Gable. How can I make a classical appearance with a minimum amount of damage to my […]

Vegan Fashion: Moo Shoes

Last month I wrote about the wonderful online store Alternative Outfitters. Although I’m a fashion-centered, leather-wearing, fur-loving (Salvation Army and thrift stores of course) stylista, I do shop at online and offline stores specializing in faux fashion and you should, too. I noted from my perch during NYC’s Fall 2005 Fashion Week, that fur is […]

HM new Celebrity Designer Bridge Lines

Trend Central reports today on the arrival of a new designer to low price-ultra hip H&M’s roster. The store is resurrecting Elio Fiorucci, a popular resort wear designer from the 70s, in June. Fiorucci joins the incredible shrinking Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld and my favorite Isaac Mizrahi, as designers who are trying to stay relevant […]

Where to Shop in San Francisco

Budget Fashionista Tip: When traveling, only shop at the stores you don’t have in your hometown—it will help you build a unique wardrobe. I love San Francisco. You have the water, breathtaking views, delicious food, and when things start to get boring, a nice earthquake comes along to shake things up. San Francisco also has […]

West Elm: Affordable Fashions for Home

I’ve been on a quest to find well constructed, expertly designed furniture that doesn’t cost more than my home. For a long time, the only option seemed to be Ikea, whose furniture is of questionable quality, but incredibly affordable, or Design Within Reach, whose furniture is of high quality and expertly designed (Eames inspired dining […]

New Outlet: Seattle Premium Outlets

Budget Fashionistas in the upper Pacific Northwest no longer have to travel to neighboring cities like Portland or Vancouver to find deals on designer fashions. Chelsea Premium Outlets, the folks behind the fame Woodbury Outlets, have opened a new outlet mall just outside of Seattle. The new outlet mall, cleverly named Seattle Premium Outlets, boasts […]