La Redoute: Affordable French Designs

La Redoute is the French equivalent of H&M, featuring the latest styles and exclusive bridgelines from designers like Jean Paul Gaultier (of Madonna cone breast fame) and Vanessa Bruno at prices that normal people can actually afford. The Jean Paul Gaultier corset dress is so hot, that people will swear you picked it up on […]

How to Get Free Fragrance Samples

If you’re someone who wears perfume infrequently, then head to the nearest fragrance counter and request a free sample, instead of purchasing a full bottle. Most major fragrance companies, from Burberry to Givenchy have samples of their products. Collect enough samples and you will never have to purchase a bottle of perfume again. Here are […]

Novelty Shoes: Equine Chic

Do you take your style cues from Seabiscuit? Tired of your boring black boots? Do you feel the need to let people know you’re coming? Well these are the boots for you. Who says horse shoes can’t be sexy . . .

Tunic Tops: Spring’s Biggest Trend

I’m all for the emergence of the ethnic tunic as the “must-have” item for spring. These colorful tops are comfortable, can be worn with jeans or with a skirt, and are available in all price ranges. But enough already . . . Another example of the over commercialization of a trend. Remember the Ugg boot? […]

Designer Discount Tip: Legit Knock Offs

By now, you’ve probably heard several lectures on the evils of purchasing knock-off designer bags. On a certain level, buying a knock-off is a bit cheesy, especially when you try to pass it off as the real thing. However, fashion has been knocking off each other since the beginning of style. Remember the Chanel Boucle […]

Cheap vs. Chic: The Shoulder Bag by Belstaff

According to ever hip folks at Fashion Week Daily the bag from the British Leisure company Belstaff (think Banana Republic circa 1988), is the new “it” bag. Seen on the silver screen in the movie Interpreter by the dean of Fashionistas, Nicole Kidman, this overpriced canvas and leather bag is available at Barneys and Berdorf. […]