Girlshop Moves Offline

It seems that everyone is trying to follow’s recent foray into the offline shopping territory. The ever popular online shopping store, Girlshop, has just opened a store in the meatpacking district. I’ve yet to check it out, but I imagine it is filled with goodies from Amy Chan and Lotta—perfect for the “subversive socialite” […]

Club Monaco Tests Home Collection

Apparently the folks at Club Monaco are trying to get into the home fashions business.  According to Trend Central, the store is testing a home collection in six of its New York City Stores. The line includes pillows, textiles, and electronics. Club Monaco reminds me of clothing that a hip German school teacher would wear—efficient […]

Great Natural Conditioner for Dry Hair

Okay there is no need to spend a trillion dollars on hair conditioner. Head to your kitchen for the perfect hair conditioner for dry hair. Here’s the how-to: DIY Conditioner for Dry Hair Combine 1/4 mayonnaise (the real stuff not Miracle Whip), with three tablespoons of olive oil and 1 egg. Mix together and evenly […]

More Budget Fashion Tips

Everyone knows I dish budget tips and fashion advice for those of us without trust funds (or those with trust funds they can’t access yet).  However, my life as stylist, fashion editor, and general feel-good Fashionista has taught more than how to score the latest trends for cheap. I’ve learned tasty bits of wisdom like […]

Shopping with a Friend: Kathy and Lloyd Shops Chelsea

Yesterday, I went shopping with my fabulously snarky, gay-male best friend Lloyd. Every Fashionista needs a Lloyd in the their lives, someone whose heightened sense of style and witty off-the-wall comments makes a horrible, icy New York City blizzard seem a bit more bearable. Reminiscing about our Midwestern roots, Lloyd and I headed to the […]

Celebrity Fashion Line:  John Malkovich

John Malkovich is arguably one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. Now everybody’s favorite quirky dude has his own fashion line. Yep, you can “be” John Malkovich by wearing items from his collection. For the most part the collection is pretty boring (think homeless man meets librarian), featuring items that well, John Malkovich would […]