New York City’s Garment District is My Friend

source Today is perhaps the worst day to shop—but being the Budget Fashionista I was at the stores. Skipping over the ridiculously long lines at the Mall, I headed to the garment district in NYC with my Mom and Mother-in-Law in tow. Being fashionistas from the midwest (Minnesota and Michigan, respectively), they were eager to […]

Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Dad

We just put together this year’s Holiday Guide and boy was it hard to find 60 products worth mentioning under $50.  But we did it and hopefully it will give you some ideas on what hot and affordable this year. Hands down the hardest section was ‘Hip Dads’. It is sooooo difficult to shop for […]

Target Black Friday Sale

Target is having a major after Thanksgiving Sale. Doors open at 6am that Friday and although I hate to shop on “Black Friday,” I am very curious about this sale. You can even schedule a wake up call from folks like Ice-T and Cheech Martin. Target continues to amaze me….

SEARS and KMART Merge..

I was all set to rave about the Karl Lagerfeld line at H&M, until I saw the above headline. K-Mart and SEARS merge, which I guess means that Land’s End also merges with K-Mart. So does this mean that Martha Stewart will be designing gingham covered tool boxes?  The merge cost $11 billion dollars—10.9999 billion […]

Alber Elbaz is my Baby’s Daddy

While being interviewed by a national women’s magazine, I was asked the question, “If money was no option, what designer would you buy?”  Hands down my favorite design house (next to dear Chanel), is Lanvin. Revived by the amazing designs of Alber Elbaz ( a.k.a. my baby’s daddy), the French design house was started in […]

How to Get Celebrity Style

How do Sarah Jessica, Oprah, and Salma do it?  They have a bottomless bank account and an army of stylists.  We’ve got the dish for achieving star quality without breaking the bank. The key to looking like a million bucks is not found in a bunch of designer labels, but in how we wear an […]