Murses: Purses for Men

“Why are there no accessories for men?” a very close male friend asked one day over brunch. I tried to point out to him that men have ties, cuff links, watches, and if you from Queens, gold chains. As I started to explain the power of gold chains, especially when nestled against a hairy chest, […]

P.S. More on Designer Knock-Offs (aka The Fake Debate)

source Even Harper’s Bazaar, a magazine that I love, has a page in September’s issue called “Smart Shopping—Best Buys for Every Budget”. Here are the items listed on the page: DKNY jacket—$425 Kulson Vest—$430 Coach pump—$196 (the cheapest item) Miu Miu bag—$545 Tory by TRB top—$775 Patricia Underwood Hat—$220 Exactly whose budget are they talking […]

Vogue’s September Issue: Fashion’s War and Peace

I love Vogue, but September’s 1,000 page orgy of ads, editorials, and advertorials (the combination of advertisements and editorials) was just too much. It took me a week to look through the book and 2 weeks to recover from the repetitive stress syndrome caused by turning a thousand pages. Vogue, of all publications, should know […]

Where Has All The Pants Lining Gone?

I refuse to pay $100 bucks for a pair a pants without lining. Lining, the cheap satin-like material that lines your garments giving them additional weight and drape, costs less than $1 per pair including labor. To not put lining in a pair of pants, especially a pair that costs over $100, is ridiculous and […]

How NOT to Wear Low-Rise Pants

Plumber’s crack is not sexy—whether it be on a 300 lb. man or a 100 lb. woman. So why is everyone rushing out to buy a pair of low-rise jeans? Yes J.Lo wears them (they are, like, taped to her butt) but that doesn’t mean that Susie Q, a 35-year-old mother of three in Peoria, […]