1Site1Price.com: Site Review

As budget shoppers, we like it when things are simple—no “13% off during the first hour of a new moon” sales, no “$5 credit if you sign up for our email newsletter AND promise us your firstborn child”—just straightforward and to the point. Which is why 1site1price.com caught our eye—everything on the site, they claim, is $29.99. Everything. Simple as that. Okay, we’d prefer if everything was $9.99, but hey, we’ll bite. So we clicked on over, and this is what we found:

Women’s and men’s clothing and accessories—tops, pants, skirts, coats, shoes—for, in fact, $29.99 apiece. And before you go thinking all Steve & Barry’s, the stuff on 1site1price.com is designer and namebrand (La Mode, Cecil Gee, Fornarina, etc.), meaning the regular “retail” prices are much higher (like this Fornarina Wool Blend Jacket, retail price—$159.99). Okay, so what’s the catch? There isn’t one, it seems, because 1site1price operates on the same business model as a store like TJ Maxx, meaning they buy overstock and samples from distributors, in this case to sell online only. Hence the ability, it seems, to sell everything at one low price. And we can’t argue with that.

And we have to say, while we would expect a “closeout” site to be the online equivalent in appearance to a store like, say, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (translation: we love ‘em, but they can be kind of a hot mess), 1site1price.com is actually visually appealing and totally easy to search and navigate.

But wait, there’s more: buy in quantity and save—purchase any 2 items and receive 5% off your entire order; purchase any 3 items and receive 10% off your entire order; purchase any 4 items and receive 10% off your entire order plus free ground shipping (free shipping for continental USA and Canadian orders only). Okay then.

So, what’s the downside? Well, we think the name is really un-fashiony. But since we just made up that word, we’ll give them a pass.

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