Recycle, Reuse, Renew: 11 Ways To Repurpose Old Clothing

So, there’s been a pile of clothes in the back of your closet for months now. They’re too old and worn to give to Goodwill or even sell on Ebay You feel guilty if you throw them in the trash but they are taking up much needed closet space. Well, we have 11 totally awesome ways for you to reuse those old clothes. We promise these tips will bring out your creative side and save you money.

11 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

Make a tote bag
Take an old tank top and sew the bottom of the tank top closed. That’s it. For extra sturdiness you can cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard and place it at the bottom of the tank if you plan to carry heavier items. Ratty tatty tank top is now your brand new tote bag!

Make Cleaning Cloths
Take your old t-shirts, tops, and socks and turn them into cleaning cloths. Socks make great dusters, and old t-shirts are perfect for wiping down tough surfaces and for cleaning wooden furniture. Just cut them up into medium size pieces. You will save on having to buy sponges or overpriced fancy labeled cleaning cloths.

Frame It
Sometimes when we love an article of clothing so much we literally wear it to death. Why not resurrect those pieces by framing it. Your old school 70’s rocker tees, your baby’s first outfit, or even old scarves. If you’re not into the whole framing your favorite dress, use the fabric of your old clothes to make a picture frame. You can buy a frame from the store, cut pieces of fabric from your old clothes, and line it over the picture frame.