It’s Time to Pump It Up: 100 Great Pumps for Fall 2012

Sure, we complain about itty-bitty swimsuits that emphasize the wrong curves, and sweat-inducing weather means painfully acquainting yourself with home waxing solutions (Hello, Nair!). Yet it’s a bit bittersweet to bid adios to summer. However, with each seasonal transition, there is what we’ve christened the shoe migration. Goodbye, flip-flops and strappy sandals. Hello, pumps. Lots of them.

Whether it’s a pair of suede colorblock pumps or a classic case of black pumps, a bit of shoe porn makes bidding farewell to beach season easier. Here are 100 great pumps for fall.

Pumps for Fall 2012: 100 to Choose From!

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Anne Klein Latham

Anne Klein Latham, $99.00 from Zappos