The Budget Fashionista’s 10 Year High School Reunion Wrap-up

So I just returned from my 10 year High School reunion. It was good to reconnect with old friends, some of which I had not seen since I boarded a flight East in the summer of 1994. What was EXTREMELY funny was that the “cool” people were still “cool”—well at least amongst themselves. In fact, most of the “cool” people were at the same place they were when we were seniors—literally. Some work at the local Malt Shop (called “The Malt Shop”) and some work at the Mall. Of course, there was the usual array of plastic surgery, fat ex-jocks, and people whose lives peaked at age 18.

Kathryn’s High School Reunion

But on to more important things—my outfit. I wore a Nine West Animal Print wrap dress—sort of like Diane Von Furstenberg meets Jones New York (Lord &Taylor, $43.00), a pair of black boot cut denim jeans (Sears, $11), a variety of brooches (Grandma-free), a fur stole (free, inherited from my mom), and a pair of Prada knock-off 3-inch-heels (Parade of Shoes, $35), and a healthly dose of self confidence.

Strange moment of the night . . . . the star basketball player, who treated me like dirt when we were teens, asked me for a job. Life does come full circle.

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