1. For storing holiday decorations, you can use newspaper for wrapping ornaments, but here’s a tip to put multiple newspaper sections into service for years to come. To keep lights tangle-free, roll up a newspaper section, tape it in place, then wrap lights around it. Tuck the plug end inside the roll at either end. (You’re also making fun time capsules for the grandkids to discover!)

2. The above tip also works for your extension-cord collection [pictured], and any other household cables.

3. When moving, wrap breakables in newspaper sheets and pad the box with balled-up newspaper. (What do you think people used before bubble wrap?)

4. Newspaper is widely recommended for cleaning windows and glass whether you’re using store-bought (all-natural, of course) or homemade window-cleaner. (Homemade: just combine half a cup vinegar with two cups water and 1/2 teaspoon dish soap for the first time, to remove waxy buildup from commercial cleaners, next time the soap won’t be necessary.)

5. When painting inside the house, use newspaper as a tarp for catching drips. Also tape it to windows to mask from stray paint splatters and brush strokes.

6. When walking the dog, use newspaper to pickup their “business” once you’ve exhausted that plastic bag supply. (Because you always take your cloth bags shopping, right?)

7. Make your own seedling pots: instructions here.

8. If you don’t have kids (and toys), and someone brings over some little rug rats: paper hats, sailboats, and paper dolls, anyone? (Old-school, yes, but today’s kids may never have seen such paper-folding wizardry.)

9. Slip a sheet under the kitty litter box for extra floor protection.

10. At craft time, spread paper on the table and floor to catch the mess.