10 Tips for Eco Wrapping on a Budget

I love wrapping paper. I love the colors, the patters, the bows and the ribbons. I love it all! What I hate is the next morning hangover I get from staring at wads of tissue, shreds of paper and envelopes strewn about the living room.  It’s enough to make an eco girl go crazy. So this year I’ve committed to changing my wrapping habits.  It takes but a bit of creativity with a touch of planning.

Here are 10 tips to wrapping the eco way, to get you started:

1. Newspaper funnies the good ole standby

2. Calendars they’ve got pretty pictures and 11 months are already over

3. Re-use gift bags, paper and tissue you’ve received

4. Fancy-schmancy gift boxes you often see these come in nesting boxes, one fits into the next. They’re meant to be used year after year. (Try a DIY gift box!)

5. Fabric gift bags

6. Buy inexpensive rolls of leftover wrapping paper or baskets at second hand stores such as Goodwill.

7. Hemp wrapping paper (Paper organics has a line of sustainable gift wraps)

8. Recycled gift wraps (try Fish Lips paper designs). FYI . . . these wrapping papers are no more expensive than regular paper you’d buy at specialty stores. Why not use recycled?

9. Make your own gift bags with leftover fabric from around the house.  See Eartheasy for instructions.

10. Use natural elements to top off your gift, such as pretty branches, pinecones and hemp twine.

Image courtesy of http://paporganics.com

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